5 Ways in Which Flowers Can be Used to Promote Excellent Feng Shui

Many people put Feng Shui down as being some superstitious mumbo jumbo, though there is no denying how the optimisation of a room can have a significant effect on your overall mood. Simply put, Feng Shui is as real as the flowers that grow in your garden – and in this post we are going to explore 5 ways in which flowers can promote excellent Feng Shui.

1 – New Life

Any flowers that you bring into your home should be vibrant and full of life! Any dead flowers should be removed immediately as they give off a negative and wasteful energy which simply isn’t what you want in your home. Yes, you can invest in artificial flowers, though they won’t even come close to the real deal in terms of promoting harmony and well-being.

2 – Exotic Tastes

Tropical and exotic flowers are an excellent addition to any home, particularly for those practicing Feng Shui. These flowers are beautiful, positive and it is said that they are excellent when it comes to removing toxins from the air. But aside from all that, they simply look fantastic no matter what!

3 – Brighter Moods

It’s no secret how significantly an effect colors can have on our general mood. Whether it’s our clothing, wallpaper or the flowers that we decorate our homes with, they can be used to make a statement, empower us and effect the general mood of the room. If you really want to complete a room in your home, then regularly replace some centerpiece flowers and keep the vibe fresh and full of Yin!

4 – Color by Number

Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui is not just about the way in which you optimize a room, but the use of numbers as well. So, for example you can use numbers to promote harmony and help to maintain a health balance with Feng Shui. You should experiment with multiples of flowers in order to create the best possible vibe in your home! Color by number and find the perfect fit for your taste and desires.

5 – Moral Compass

In addition to colors, numbers and special arrangement, direction also has a huge impact on the overall Feng Shui of a room in your home. So, for example you can place flowers in the East and Southeast areas of a room in order to maintain a healthy balance of flow of chi. Again, experiment and find the right setting for you.


Experimentation is ultimately your best approach when it comes to Feng Shui. There are many different tips and guides available to you, though the best way to find a suitable balance for you is to try your own variations. A little flower box carefully placed here and there, a beautiful bouquet in a vase and the occasional hanging basket and you’ll be certain to create a most peaceful and healthy vibe in your home.