Caring for your Home’s Exterior

How is your home looking from the outside? Maybe it’s starting to look a bit shabby? The truth is most of us are more concerned with our interiors rather than our exteriors. It can come a shock to many of us when we suddenly realise that a property doesn’t last forever, and that if some kind of maintenance isn’t carried out there will be costly problems to fix in the future.

So what are the signs to look out for? What areas of a home are liable to deteriorate faster than others? Let’s take a look at common issues that often need to be resolved:


Roof – Whether it’s tiles, slates, metal sheeting, your property’s roof needs to be periodically inspected for signs of wear and tear. Most people don’t like climbing onto a roof, so if necessary get someone who can do it for you. Roofs are mostly hidden from view and if damage has occured it maybe weeks or months or years before a housholder realises there is a problem. Even a small hole in a roof will allow rainwater to enter a home. Over time this water can have a very destructive effect on trusses and rafters. If left unchecked the damage can be considerable, and the cost of replacing a section of roof can be very costly. The best way to avoid this is by visually inspecting the roof at least one a year. If a problems is discovered a temporary repair can be made until a professional tradesman is called.


Masonry – If your home has been rendered it is advisable to keep it in good condition. Broken or loose render will allow further damage to the brickwork underneath, and at times can actually cause the brickwork to deteriorate faster if rainwater becomes trapped in cavities. Visually inspect a building’s exterior regularly. If areas are found which need attention it is prudent to call a professional builder to make a smooth repair rather than attempt any DIY. It can be a difficult job to achieve a good finish and many homeowners are unsatisfied with their own attempts.

The best way to avoid any masonry problems is to regularly paint a home’s exterior with specialist coatings. Most masonary paints are specially created to protect a building from the elements. If an exterior has a good level of protection it is unlikely that any serious damage can occur unless there is an underlying flaw in the construction of the home.


Gutters and Fascia – Gutters, fascia, and sofitboards should be checked on a regular basis. If a downpipe is broken or disconnected rain water will not disperse properly and may pool or stagnate. Also, if an area of fascia has become loose it will, over time, allow rainwater to soften and rot and wooden joists underneath. If this continues for months and years there will undoubtedly be a need to repair large areas of roof. Most homeowners are advised that after 15 years it is time to replace your gutters and fascia.