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How to keep a System in good Working Order

Pool pump2 Pool owners around the world know what needs to be done to maintain a healthy pool system. And those who’ve neglected the basics know the penalties which must be paid for their lack of action. The reality is that it is not complicated or difficult to keep a pool in good working order, but it does need to be done systematically. There has to be a regular maintenance plan, and some key features just can’t be left to chance.

One of the most important maintenance jobs a pool owner can do is to regularly run the pool’s filters.

Ideally the filters should be run once a day, and if this is carried out correctly the pool water should be drawn through the filter system two or three times every day. This can take anything up to 12 hours depending on pump speed and the cubic volume of water in a pool, and if it is not prohibitively expensive it is recommended to increase these times.

If it is not economical to maintain a 12 hours cycle then a lesser 8 to 12 hours cycle is still recommended. However, there are also ways to keep cost to a minimum:


  • Run the system throughout the night. Electricity rates are more expensive during daylight hours when there is a surge in usage. A common technique to is leave the filters running before sleep and turn them off first thing in the morning.
  • Invest in a variable speed pump. This might mean an initial increase in cost but over time it will save pool owners a lot on electricity bills. A variable pump allows for 24 hours usage at low volume, and it can be  increased when a pool has been used frequently or chemical cleaners have been added.
  • Use high quality reliable pool filters which will last much longer than cheaper alternatives. This is especially important if using cartridge filters as these are more prone to blockage than diatomaceous or sand filter.
  • Don’t forget to regularly clean the hair and lint pot. This should be done one a week or every two weeks if the pool is used infrequently.
  • Check the pool water’s PH once a week. The ideal level should be between 7.2 and 7.6 PH. If it falls below this the water will become more acidic which has a detrimental effect on just about every part of a pool: tiles,grouting, filters, plastics and metals will ,over time, start to feel the effects of acidic water.


pool pumpPool filtration systems can be expensive to maintain if not properly looked after. However, most pool owners find it easy to incorporate a cleaning routine into their daily schedule.  It is recommended to only use quality branded parts and products to keep a system in working order.  Retailers like Perth bases APS Rewinds can provide a variety of top quality good including industry rated brands like Davey and Onga.