Make Time for Yourself

Make Time for Yourself – For Everyone’s Benefit

We all need to spend time alone. If we are constantly surrounded by the trials and tribulations of life or constantly doing this with other people we can slowly go a little bit crackers. It is important to find little bits of time when we can just unwind and relax or have a period of time devoted only to one’s personal interests and hobbies. Doing this helps you to recharge and refocus and it is important for the mind. We can become fatigued by life or downright bored if we are never granting ourselves any time for ourselves. Not only that, but this is of benefit to other people too. If you are feeling stressed out and fraught it is easy to damage personal relationships unintentionally and you could end up not appreciating the time you spend with loved ones when it is a constant. Everyone needs time to themselves so do yourself and everyone else a favour and do it. Presumably if you are reading this you would like some ideas of exactly how to go about this so consider whether you could try any of these suggestions:

Start a New Hobby

hoppyIf you don’t have much of a hobby in recent times or have become bored with an old one, then change this and find a new one. There must be a hundred things you would have liked to have had a go at during your life so tell yourself you will do one of these things. It could be something similar to what you were interested in previously or it could be something completely leftfield and different to anything else you have ever tried. Explore your options and as long as it is affordable don’t discount any ideas you might have. Finding the time to start something new like this will give you something to look forward to in your downtime and because it is a new hobby you will gain a lot of focus and patience learning new things.


readingOne of the simplest ways of spending time alone is by reading. I don’t mean your social media feed on your phone so put that away! That defeats the purpose as you are not detached from the world and it will probably not help you relax. Reading is a great means of escapism. It is a way to transport yourself from the here and now and to a distant place that exists somewhere only in your mind. Try to set aside a portion of everyday to read and, even if you only read a small chapter or spend 30 mins reading with a cuppa, this time will give you a sense of respite and relaxation. You can recompose your thoughts and you will feel much more up to the tasks of the day after having done so. Even if novels don’t excite you try reading the newspaper or biographies etc. Whatever you find of interest read it and try to do it daily.

Have A Place to Be Alone

It is all well and good for me to say that you should find time to be alone but you need a place to do so. Your house might be so chaotic that realistically it’s not going to happen. If this is the chaos you need to find a way to be alone. You could find a spot at the end of the garden or find a few choice spots a short walk away such as in the park or by the canal where you can go to find some solace. If you want to have a sanctuary in your home then you could convert a disused room, loft or garage into a space devoted only to you. It could be your computer room, music room or yoga room whatever is of interest to you. Do the room up as you want and make the one place in the house which is yours and yours alone. Alternatively, you could build a shed or put up an outhouse like those available at Designer Hideaways. Having a place to retreat to outdoors can allow you to compartmentalise your thoughts and so when you physically leave the house and go to your outdoor retreat your mind can detach itself from the stresses of daily life.