Of Expositions, Exhibitions, Field days and Event Displays

My Mother once said the inventor of those big cheap stripy bags everyone uses to store clothes and bulky items must have become very rich. Everyone owned at least one stripy bag. It seems the same could now be said about the ubiquitous event banner.

Exhibitions and expositions seem to be a feature of the modern era. They are the latter day equivalent of the village market day or annual fair. On any given weekend there will be thousands of people heading off to spend some time at an exhibition or exposition. In the cities there will be garden expos, Food and Lifestyle expos, Home renovation expos and events promoting various hobbies or sports. In the country it might be a Small Farm Field day, a Farmers Market or a Livestock Show.


It seems we love to attend events where we can learn something, collect a swag of brochures and informative literature, make a few purchases and think, dream and perhaps plan future changes and improvements. The food variety at some of these events is pretty spectacular at times too. I have now sampled the delights of takeaway Cuban cuisine courtesy of our local fresh food market.

It is simply not possible these days to attend any event without being assailed by a bewildering variety of event banners advertising the presence of retailers and sprucing their wares. Those feather banners are particularly prevalent. (And yes; they are called feather banners.) They stand proudly and solidly erect on their heavy duty crossed metal legs and gently flutter in the breeze. It would take a pretty strong wind to blow them over too. I walked into one while engrossed in a mobile phone conversation recently. The event banner stayed defiantly upright and I limped off nursing a very tender set of toes.

My personal favourite event is a good Camping and Leisure Expo. I just love browsing tents, swags, the latest in camp site cooking and refrigeration, and I’m always in the market for the ultimate camp chair. I especially love joining the queues of dreamers who tramp through the avenues of luxury motor homes. Those magnificent vehicles cost as much as the GDP of a small Nation and are equipped with every device known to modern science. They could lure the most hardened couch potato onto the road and traveling to destinations unknown.

Event Display is obviously a growth industry because event banners have now become a feature of our lives. We don’t think about it but in the course of the average day you will probably see several examples of this clever marketing ploy on the streets and roads you travel to and from work. You may even be one of the many people lured into a business because a nifty banner out the front told you where it was and what they sold. At the end of the day the retailer can pack their banners up and store them safely. Touche! Graffiti artists and vandals!


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