Practical Uses for Drawer Systems for Your 4×4

Not many people get excited about the prospect of having drawer systems installed in their 4×4’s. Or at least, not as excited as they should be. The fact is, there are so many practical benefits to having them, as opposed to not. In this post, we’re going to explore some of them, so that you can decide as to whether or not a drawer system might be the right move for you. Quick question before we begin: are you a 4×4 owner? If you answered yes, then a drawer system is indeed the right move, however that’s not up to use! See for yourself.

1 – Keeping gear in your car out of sight

It’s handy keeping certain things in the car, though what isn’t ideal is having to bring them into the house every evening. Security is always an issue with cars and we’re constantly reminded not to leave our possessions on display. Let’s say for example, you want to keep some tools in the car in case of a break-down, or perhaps some jumper cables. These are the sorts of items that would-be thieves are going to want to break into your vehicle for. So, for security reasons, having quality drawer systems for your 4×4 installed is a huge bonus, as nobody will ever know that they’re there, or what’s inside!

2 – Shopping made easy!

Sometimes we pop to the shops for a few bits, and not a weekly grocery collection. Perhaps it’s a few bottles of wine and some ingredients for dinner. In any case, it’s no good packing them into the boot if they’re going to roll around and potentially smash and spill everywhere. You feel them with each bump in the road, cringing at every turn. Well, if you have drawer systems installed, you can store your shopping so much easier, whilst keeping them safe and secure from harm. That way, you’ll be able to drive home comfortably without a care!

3 – You’ll have more space…ish

Technically speaking, you’re not creating more space by having drawers installed, as you are indeed using up space. However, the fact that you’ll able to pack your car smarter, means that there will be (hypothetically speaking), more room in the car, as you can fit more items in. This is particularly awesome when it comes to going away on a camping trip with the family! Smarter packing means nobody is going to get a suitcase to the back of the head en-route to your destination.

4 – They pair nicely with other 4×4 accessories

Let’s say for example, that you and your family are avid campers. Having the drawer system installed is going to significantly improve the camping experience. But it gets better! Imagine having a fridge installed in your car as well! So, you’ve got that extra storage space for all of your gear, and you can also bring your own food as well! Perfect. In addition to that, you might even want to substitute the space lost from the fridge by investing in some roof racks where you can store extra bags! Perfect.

5 – You can do it all online!

That’s right, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can simply order them online and voila! No need to stress. Simply visit MSA 4×4 Accessories for some examples of their equipment and you’ll be able to get a good idea as to how it all works!