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Prevent Your Home from Break-Ins

Prevent Your Home from Break-Ins

Lock Your Home Up

The simplest thing to do is to lock your home up. Most break-ins happen easily without force. This comes about from reckless homeowners. Some people do not lock their doors and windows properly which motivates intruders to break in. Remember that most crimes are planned. The criminals observe your behavior and look for a good time to break into your house. Always check your doors and windows before leaving and do it as your daily routine.


Stay Alert

Be vigilant! Nobody can look after your home better than you, so start from yourself. Avoid exposing your name and phone number on a mailbox because someone can find out further information about you from that. Do not tell other people precise schedules to your trips, as there maybe strangers who want this information.

Always update crimes that happen in your neighborhood. If many crimes have happened recently, you should be extra cautious. Remember to stay alert and be aware if there are any suspicious activities.


Team Up with Neighbors

In a tightknit neighbourhood, people look after each other’s properties and it is harder for strangers to commit a crime.

Whether you own the house or are renting, you should know your community. Renters are likely to experience a break-in because they do not know their neighbour and do not watch out for one another.


Prepare Before Leaving

Summer vacation is a happy time for criminals. People are leaving their homes empty for a period of time and less people stay at home.

Before you leave for a trip, notify a neighbor that you can trust, to look after your property. If you are away for a long period, it is better to let your local police know.

The most important thing is to not leave any signs that you are not home. Tell somebody to pick your mail up for you. Do not change the message on your home phone to tell people that you are away. Ask somebody to cut your lawn or shovel the snow from your walkway.


Secure Doors and Windows

This is the time to look back at your doors and windows. Are they secure? Sliding doors and windows are easy to break in to by just popping them off from the frame. Instead of having regular glass doors or windows, change them to security screens for your safety. Down Under Screens provide security doors and windows that are hard to be broken.

Always check the condition of your doors and windows and secure them with a lock. Do this on a regular basis to keep your home safe from intruders.


Install Alarms or Have Someone Look After It

Add security alarms and security cameras to keep strangers away. Criminals avoid going into a house with a great security system. Or you can just have a dog! The barking sound of a dog is an effective means of security. Putting out a ‘beware of dog’ sign can also help as intruders will not want to risk getting bitten.


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