Promotional Items That Stand Out From the Crowd

promotional items

Many companies use promotional products as a means to market their brand effectively without incurring particularly excessive costs. Their advantages are numerous. Everyone likes receiving free gifts and so through them you can introduce your company name and details to a wider audience. They are usually kept hold of for a considerable period of time, especially if they are useful items, so unlike a standard advert which has a relatively short lifespan they can continue to advertise your brand longer in comparison. They are quite cheap so there are an enormous amount of different types of products floating around. Given how common they have become it is becoming more frequent for companies to try out more unusual products to try and stand out from others. Here are a few examples of some of the less common items which can grab people’s attention.

Multi-Use USB Drives

usb driveUSB drives aren’t a particularly new idea when it comes to promotional items. They are a very useful way of getting your brand information across as you can pre-load details, links and catalogues etc. onto them which can then easily be shared with people. In addition to this they are quite sought after items due to them being particularly useful. When combined with other items however they really stand out. Pens with USB drives are particularly good but even stranger things such as pencil erasers or torches make the product even more memorable – and useful.

Printed Toilet Paper

Often a great way to grab people’s attention is through humour. Your promotional products can be used to show this off and they don’t always need to be of the serious nature. One example of this is toilet paper rolls which are either simply branded or given some sort of print which makes them amusing and memorable. Another comedy item sometimes used are whoopee cushions as again they are memorable due to being less serious but can still boost your brand awareness effectively.

Desk Items

rubikThis category can cover a multitude of products. Examples include more common things such as calculators or notebooks etc. But more fun items can be made such as stress release balls, piggy banks, beanie toys or Rubik’s cubes. A high proportion of people work in an office environment and are looking for ways to add some fun and individuality to their working space and well-designed products like these can end up nestled on someone’s desk for a particularly long period of time.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are branded promotional products which hold a lot of value to people whilst being highly memorable. They tend to a last a long time and can then be kept and replenished to further extended lifespan. People can either keep them in the workplace, in their car or just at home. They are one of those things which no-one is likely to turn down either unlike say maybe a pen which people probably have plenty of. Even smaller items such as plaster holders can be successful promo items and these are inexpensive alternatives to first aid kits.

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