The arcane art of commercial window cleaning

window cleaning

Just how do they get all that glass so sparkly? There must be some trick of the trade that makes commercial window cleaning in Brisbane so successful. Whenever I am in the city I spend a lot of time looking up. It fascinates me to see floor upon floor of glittering glass reflecting the sunlight, blue sky and the facades of other buildings. Glass turns a mundane CBD into a thing of beauty. Although I am not a “city” person I am in awe of the engineers and construction workers who bring an architectural vision to life. I happen to think sky scrapers are a monument to the creative energy of modern society.

Anyway back to glass cleaning. I really wish I knew what the professionals use, because scrub as I might, my windows look like they’ve been smeared with ice cream and cleaned by a three year old with sticky fingers.

I am the kind of person who needs to know how things work. It might come in handy one day to know that there are people who understand the best way to mow lawns and clean glass. Will anyone be willing to share their secrets? Yes indeed. There are some commercial window cleaners who are only too happy to give the layman some hints and tips.

Here is a big surprise. Whether you’re cleaning glass at ground level or on the fiftieth floor the equipment is not very different. It seems buckets are a necessity. They hold the soapy water into which you dip your mop, sponge or squeegee. I love the word “squeegee” and often wonder who thought of such a catchy name for a mundane but very useful little piece of equipment. Come to think of it, who invented squeegees? I digress. The inventor of squeegees can wait. In order to clean commercial quantities of glass you also need detergent; presumably lots of it. Apparently detergent works better than the vinegar Grandma used because you need slippery suds to loosen the dirt and make the mop or squeegee (I just love that word!) glide smoothly across the glass. You also need a scraper to remove hardened stains and dirt. Bird droppings are a problem even in the rarefied atmosphere of high rise towers it seems.

All these tools are best fitted with a telescopic handle to make the task easier. The truly well-equipped commercial window cleaner also needs a supply of rags and possibly micro fibre cloths. How did we ever cope before micro fibre was invented? All these useful things belong in the arsenal of a daring and debonair high rise window cleaner who will probably carry them in some sort of secure carryall while they abseil across the building face. You heard me right. Although they sometimes use cranes or those little platforms on a system of pulleys, many commercial window cleaners use ropes, and abseil their way up, down and across a building in the quest for clean glass.

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