Tips for Successful Office Relocating

Tips for Successful Office Relocating

Relocating a business can be more complicated work than household relocation as it requires changes for many people. Employees, office machines, systems and clients are all involved in this change. Moving requires a lot of planning. You may need a month or even a year depending on the size of your business. Here are a few things that should be done before moving an office to a new place.

1. Schedule Date of Packing and Moving

Inform employees of the exact date of moving so that they can start packing their things. You have to plan 4-5 months before the move. Moving can be challenging with all the various bulky furniture items and equipment. Everything has to be changed from your website to name cards. Make a checklist of what you need to change. If your office is big, it may take up to a year to plan.

2. Clear the Cabinets

After the employees have been informed, start to prepare for the move. The next stage is to start to clear out all the clutter and to empty the filing cabinets. Categorize your documents into piles; documents to keep, documents to be recycled and documents to be removed. Pack them in a specific box and do not forget to make a note of the contents on the front of each box. You may need to put a number on them to indicate the order of unpacking. With all the documents that can be created over a period of time, this may take some time to finish.

3. Hire Movers and Cleaners

Office machines and equipment may need professionals to help with their movement. As with the documents, place them in boxes and label them with notes. You should ask employees to pack their own computers and equipment and to tag their names on the front of the boxes. Remove any toner from copiers and printers. A company with big machines such as a construction or mining company would need to utilize trucks and trailers and excavator trailers to move machinery, tools and equipment and supplies. If you are looking for very high standard Australian brand that produces sturdy aluminium trailers then you need look no further than SureWeld.

Hire a cleaning company to clean your new office before moving all the equipment there and do not forget to clean up your old office after moving.

4. Confirm Vendors before Moving

Make sure that your vendor or leaser acknowledge your moving date. All contracts must be finished before you move. You will need to deal with telephone lines and internet infrastructure at your new office. Check with your service provider and your new landlord to ensure what you need in the new office. Contact your equipment leaser to notify them about your new location.

5. Update Company’s Site and Phone Number

The most effective way to inform employees is by email and a kitchen bulletin board. Tell them the exact schedule. Information must always be updated so that employees can see how things are progressing and what they can expect. Remind employees to change their name cards. Update the company’s website, phone numbers and addresses when you are moving.

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