Top 3 wedding tips for a successful day

Planning a wedding is no easy task and with several different factors thrown into the mix: both the complexity of the event that you are trying to host, the scale and sheer amount of people that are both involved and attending a wedding and the emotions involved in both the preparation of the ceremony and on the day itself, it’s no wonder people lose control.

That’s why it’s important to have everything squared away and ready for the day itself and to prioritize the most vital things first, however even the most organized amongst us can get lax occasionally, especially with trying to keep on track and organized. So here are a few reminders and tips to help make planning your wedding a little easier.


Your wedding cake is something that pretty much all of your guests will be expecting to cakesee and its one of the main focal points of the wedding, along with the kiss, the first dance, and the best man’s speech. So you need to make sure that you cake designer has all of your requirements well in advance and that any tasting sessions that you are required to attend are done in a time frame that then allows your cake designer to take on board any changes or criticisms you may have had.

Also think about the design of your cake and how it represents you as a couple, many people tend to be pretty conservative when it comes to their wedding cake. But in reality you are pretty much free to do whatever you like with the cake itself, so get creative and think more in terms of what you and your guests will actually enjoy as opposed to what they will expect you to serve, that is if you want your wedding to truly stand out.


Now, weddings, whilst being an important and legally binding occasion, are also supposed to be a fun celebration of your future to be shared with all of your family. And whilst nobody can dictate what things they will find fun, it’s probably best 116to have a few different activities lined up for people to participate in at the reception, alongside the more traditional drinking and dancing.

For example, older people may not be able to dance for extended periods of time, and smaller children will get tired and bored of dancing very quickly and want to do something else. A great activity to think about is hiring a photobooth for the day. Photobooth hire is fun, suitable for all ages and guaranteed to raise a stir amongst your guests as they all clamor for shots with different wacky and hilarious props.


Another important factor to consider, both the music you play and how you play it is very important to the day itself and there are many parts of the day that will require music; walking down the aisle, the entrance to the reception and the bride and groom’s first dance. So it’s important to decide between whether you want a live performer or a DJ to handle your musical needs.117

While you might appreciate the charm of a live performer displaying his talent, for this kind of event most would recommend finding a good DJ. This is due to the fact that many different kinds of style, genre and tone of music will be required, not just for the events but also for later on in the night when people just want to get down and dance. Even the most talented singer would have a hard time matching some of these styles that they are not accustomed to performing, not to mention that eventually the performance would falter due to the performer’s stamina slowly decreasing throughout the night.

A good DJ is able to create a great mix and control the tempo of the room to ensure that your guests have a great night and rock out all night long. There are many different styles of DJing but practically all of them will be able to create a varied playlist to help all of your guests enjoy the evening. Please click here if you need to hire a DJ’s services.