metal detector

Toys for the Grown Ups

A lot of guys simply never grow up. Many of us stop playing with toys as children but secretly we’re always looking for out next train set or space ship. If you are one of those guys who just loves gadgets and the latest tech you’re probably just a big kid who needs a new teddy bear.

Don’t feel ashamed, this is just the reality of life. Most men are children at heart and those we claim otherwise are being untruthful or lack imagination. If you want to have some me time and play with your lego or remote control car don’t let anyone stop you. However, for those of us who still want to keep a veneer of adult respectability here are a few purchases that might fool friends and family into thinking you are an actual grown up.


flying a droneDrone – These things are getting more and more sophisticated every year. There fun to be had with one of these beauties is endless. Amazing video footage of nearby sites of interest can be filmed from digital recording devices on the drone. The skills required to operate one of these machines can be a little tricky to master, but therein lies a lot of the fun. Being able to manipulate the controls to put one of these mechanical hummingbirds anywhere is an exhilarating experience. Also, those who do become proficient at operating drones can become quite sought after. There are now many opportunities for skilled operators to pilot these machines for commercial surveillance firms. It doesn’t get any better – a toy that can make you money!


metal detectorMetal Detector – Get out the house and go seek your fortune. If you are a closet Indiana Jones then owning a metal detector is a must. It is a bit nerdy for sure, but I doubt any man would discard the chance of using one if offered. There’s a level of potential excitement with metal detectors which seem to keep many enthusiasts enthralled for hours at a time. The thought that just a few more steps and a great horde of lost treasure is just waiting to be discovered can have an energizing effect on many people. There have been some well documented cases of amateur hunters finding fantastic treasure. It’s a great excuse for a weekend away with the kids or fellow enthusiasts, and you never know, one great find could change everything.


Walkie Talkies – Obviously not a great solo pastime, but if you have a few friend who like the outdoors why not go trekking with high frequency walkie talkies. In fact, any outdoors pursuit – trekking, biking, orienteering, camping will benefit from a few quality radios on hand. It’s a fun way to stay in contact and it is a great way to stay safe in a hostile environment. There are many types of radio available and some are more powerful than others. One good bet is to buy a GME UHF CB radio. No matter where you are your likely to keep a great line of communication.