Advice Choosing Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories

Finding the perfect wedding accessories to accentuate your look can be equally as important as the dress itself. Those finishing touches can really pull your entire look together and need to be given just as much consideration. At Always and Forever Bridal we like to share advice to help with making those decisions simpler and allow you to confidently select the items which will compliment your wedding gown. Generally speaking, you should always try to pick the wedding dress first and then tailor the accessories to it. By doing this you will be able to choose the pieces most befitting of the gown. Whilst it is quite sensible to start looking early it can prove to be little more than fruitless window-shopping if you start preselecting headwear and jewellery that may not be ideal when combined with an overall style or the dress itself.

Leave Time for Accessories

Having chosen your dress you will still need to leave yourself plenty of time to find the accessories you want. Do not leave it till the last minute as this could lead to unwanted disappointment or extra unneeded stress. Often items can look very different when worn and keeping this in mind you should attempt to try on various different types and styles of accessories. Sometimes you might find the perfect piece which is entirely different to what you had mentally pictured previously. Have fun and explore all the options. Take into account that headpieces and such will need to compliment your hairstyle on the day too and that these choices will affect one another.

Silver or Gold?

The choice of metals when picking jewellery is a clear example of the why it is so important to choose your wedding gown first. If the dress itself has particular detailing or beadwork then you will want to let that define the colour of the metals you choose. That means that if your dress has silver elements to it then match the colours of your jewellery to this to tie the whole look together. The colour of the dress itself can have a bearing on your choice of metals too. Ivory and similarly warmer toned dresses tend to suit gold better whilst pure white ones look great with silver and pearl. Bear in mind that these are not hard and fast rules so try experimenting and compare how the different hues work with each other. Overall the best piece of advice here is no matter what colour you do choose try to match your metals.

Keep to Your Own Style

Remember that on you wedding day you want to look like the most beautiful version of yourself so stick to what you want and your own style. It can be quite obvious when someone doesn’t feel comfortable wearing something. What you are wearing greatly affects your mood and confidence, even on a normal day, so on this occasion you really want to leave those worries behind so you can truly enjoy the day. If you are feeling happy in what you are wearing you will be positively glowing and this will dictate the successfulness of your overall look more than any exquisite but disagreeable accessory piece.


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