What to Do Before Selling Your Car

Selling your ride and joy is never easy. Many car owners spend an awful amount of time in their vehicles, going to work, going to groceries shopping and going out with friends. When a car loyally carries us around for years, we start to think about getting rid of it and look for a new partner because more and more issues occurred. A car that you have used for either months or years is like a pet or a person, and it is your last thing to do to at least make it look as attractive and as much profit and as little fuss as you can when you want to upgrade yourself with a better-performance car.

Thing you do to prepare your car before selling it are not limited to what I have to say below, but it is been tested and good tips for a start.


● Get it Inspected

car-inspectorIt is the very first thing to get to know your car comprehensively including faults and little problems before you start your selling journey.

You need to know the conditions of a car to be able to set price and write a description, so getting your car professionally inspected is the first thing to undertake before you take any actions. If mechanic inform you about the issues your car has, you can weigh the cost and potential value that could be added to vehicle, and decide if you want to perfect your car or sell it for how it is. Don’t forget about all those servicing receipts too.


● Clean it like it’s Never Been Cleaned Before

clean-carNo one will buy a dirty car even though everyone is aware that they can clean it themselves afterwards unless the price is awfully low. It is just not how it works when it comes to sell a car.

A clean car from inside out can sell faster and for a higher price. Before you release your car to the public for viewing, make sure you clean the exterior of the car as well as vacuuming the interior space. Try to make it look as nice as you can, and also you can consider getting little faults fixed by a car detailing professional if you believe fixes will cover the costs and add value to the car.


● Take Professional Looking Photos

Now you have done both steps above, and your car is ready to be listed online to find its new owner. It is like a great marketing strategy to have professional looking photos of your car because all your leads are generated by seeing bright and good quality photos. Make sure to take photos of details of a car from inside out, so your prospects can have an extensive idea of how the car looks.


● Make That Sign

Most people will still use their car while they are selling it. Another good way to increase visibility for the sale of your car is make a “For Sale” sign and stick it to the window. Make sure to include your contact details as well as mileage and model and year on the sign. If you are worried that leaving your contact number in public is risky, you can replace it with an email address instead of your phone number. But a phone number usually gives an easier access to get a hold of someone than an email address does, which means an email address might end up keeping some potential customers from making the move.