Everything You Need To Know About 27 Divided By 8


Mathematics is a fascinating subject that helps us solve problems in our daily lives. One of the basic arithmetic operations that we learn in school is division. In this article, we will explore the concept of dividing 27 by 8 and provide insights into the math behind it.

What is Division?

Division is an arithmetic operation that involves splitting a number into equal parts. The number that is being divided is called the dividend, while the number that we divide it by is called the divisor. The result of division is called the quotient.

Steps to Divide 27 by 8

To divide 27 by 8, we need to follow certain steps:

  1. First, we place the divisor, 8, outside the division bracket and the dividend, 27, inside the bracket.
  2. We then ask ourselves, how many times does 8 go into 27? The answer is 3.
  3. We write 3 above the division bracket and multiply 3 by 8, which gives us 24.
  4. We subtract 24 from 27, which gives us 3.
  5. We bring down the next digit in the dividend, which is 0, to make it 30.
  6. We repeat steps 2 to 5 until we get a remainder of 0.

The Answer

The result of dividing 27 by 8 is 3 with a remainder of 3. We can represent this as a fraction: 27/8 = 3 3/8.

Why is Division Important?

Division is important in our daily lives because it helps us solve problems that involve sharing or splitting things equally. For example, if we have 27 apples and we want to share them equally among 8 people, we need to divide 27 by 8 to know how many apples each person will get.

Real-World Applications

Division has many real-world applications, including:

  • Sharing food among people
  • Calculating the average of a set of numbers
  • Calculating the price per unit of a product
  • Calculating the distance traveled per unit of time

Common Errors in Division

Division can be tricky, and there are some common errors that people make. These include:

  • Forgetting to bring down the next digit in the dividend
  • Dividing the wrong way
  • Not checking the answer

Tips for Division

To avoid making mistakes in division, here are some useful tips:

  • Always double-check your work
  • Use a calculator when dealing with large numbers
  • Practice, practice, practice


In conclusion, dividing 27 by 8 is a simple arithmetic operation that involves following a set of steps. Division is an important math skill that has many real-world applications. By mastering division, we can solve problems in our daily lives more effectively and efficiently.