500 Divided By 5: A Simple But Important Calculation

The Basics of Division

Division is a fundamental arithmetic operation that involves splitting a number into equal parts. When you divide a number by another number, you are essentially asking how many times the second number can fit into the first number. For example, if you divide 10 by 2, you are asking how many times 2 can fit into 10, which is 5.

The Importance of Knowing How to Divide

Knowing how to divide is crucial in many areas of life, from budgeting and finance to cooking and recipe scaling. It is also an essential skill for students learning math and science concepts.

Calculating 500 Divided by 5

To calculate 500 divided by 5, you can use the long division method or a calculator.

Long Division Method

To use the long division method, follow these steps: Step 1: Write the dividend (500) inside the division bracket, and the divisor (5) outside the bracket. Step 2: Divide the first digit of the dividend (5) by the divisor (5) and write the quotient (1) above the dividend. Step 3: Multiply the quotient (1) by the divisor (5) and write the result (5) below the first digit of the dividend. Step 4: Subtract the result (5) from the first digit of the dividend (5) to get the remainder (0). Step 5: Bring down the next digit of the dividend (0) and write it next to the remainder. Step 6: Repeat steps 2-4 until you have no more digits to bring down. Step 7: The final answer is the quotient (100) with no remainder.

Calculator Method

To use a calculator, simply enter 500 ÷ 5 and press the equals button. The result is 100.

Applications of 500 Divided by 5

Knowing that 500 divided by 5 equals 100 can be useful in many situations. For example: – If you have 500 apples and want to divide them equally among 5 people, each person will get 100 apples. – If you have a budget of $500 and want to split it evenly among 5 expenses, each expense should be $100. – If you are scaling a recipe that serves 5 people to serve 500 people, you will need to multiply all the ingredients by a factor of 100.

The Importance of Checking Your Work

When performing calculations, it is important to double-check your work to ensure accuracy. One way to do this is to use a different method to check your answer. For example, you can multiply the quotient (100) by the divisor (5) to get the dividend (500), which confirms that your answer is correct.


In conclusion, knowing how to divide is an essential skill that can be applied in many areas of life. By understanding how to calculate 500 divided by 5, you can solve practical problems and check your work for accuracy. Whether you use the long division method or a calculator, the result is the same: 100.