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CoD 2023 delayed by a year, will launch new “costless” title instead claims report

A new report claims there volition be no mainline Telephone call of Duty title in 2023, with Activision launching a new “gratuitous-to-play” title instead.



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A new study claims Activision does not intend to release a mainline Call of Duty championship in 2023, instead opting to drop a “gratis-to-play” game as a replacement
and releasing more Modern Warfare 2 DLC throughout 2023.

Since 2005, Activision has released a brand-new Phone call of Duty game every twelvemonth, swapping between developers to ensure their almanac release schedule remains intact.

For the get-go time in almost 20 years, information technology seems that will not be the case. According to Bloomberg, there will be no mainline CoD title released next year, with Treyarch getting an additional 12 months to work on their side by side game and more than Modern Warfare 2 DLC releasing throughout 2023.

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The study states that Phone call of Duty 2023, which should be Treyarch’s adjacent entry to the series, has been pushed dorsum until 2024. Bloomberg suggests that Activision have fabricated this decision in an effort to prevent future Call of Duty titles from conflicting with other releases in the series, which is what the company believes pb to Vanguard’s disappointing sales. It is not believed to be part of Microsoft’due south conquering of the company.

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With no 2023 game, Activision instead plans to launch a free-to-play title instead, although we’re not certain what this could be. We practise know it will be a separate launch from Warzone 2 though.

Phone call of Duty fans tin notwithstanding wait forward to a game this twelvemonth though, with Modern Warfare 2 nonetheless on track to release this fall.

Despite these reports, Activision accept stated that both “premium and free-to-play experiences” will launch in 2023, saying that “reports of annihilation otherwise are incorrect.”

Schreier provided an update on February 22, claiming that “Activision held several town halls yesterday to brief COD studios on the news.”

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In these calls, they reportedly set up out the “nebulous” plans for 2023 that include “ongoing DLC for 2022’s Mod Warfare game among other things.” Plus, Treyarch volition get an extra year to develop their game.

He expanded on what’due south “nebulous,” proverb that in that location’due south no confirmation of whether it’ll be paid expansions or more than free Seasonal content, like to how CoD’s operated since Modern Warfare.

What a delay would hateful to Call of Duty is hard to imagine, and would accept huge ramifications on things like the Telephone call of Duty League, and the gaming industry equally a whole.

Unfortunately, we’ll accept to wait and come across if this report turns out to exist true. But for more than, yous can check out how to earn CDL Major 1 viewership rewards.

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Call of Duty

Microsoft want to bring Phone call of Duty to Nintendo

Microsoft volition before long take over the Phone call of Duty franchise, and have expressed their desire to bring the games to Nintendo devices.



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Microsoft’southward Activision Blizzard buyout is sure to change the Call of Duty franchise, and alongside confirming it will stay on PlayStation, Microsoft say they want to bring the franchise to Nintendo devices.

The Call of Duty franchise has appeared on several devices over the years, including the Wii and Nintendo DS. However, recent Call of Duty titles have been kept to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

This could all change though, equally Microsoft’s stupor buyout of Activision Blizzard could seriously change the franchise going frontward. In both a blog postal service and interview with CNBC, Microsoft expressed their desire to bring Telephone call of Duty to Nintendo devices.

Vanguard Operators on new season 2 map

PlayStation fans have been worried that Call of Duty would be removed from Sony’south platforms, similar to how the Elderberry Scrolls franchise has gone Xbox and PC exclusive. Microsoft take assured players that Call of Duty volition remain on PlayStation through whatsoever existing agreement and across.

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They also fabricated an interesting comment regarding Nintendo, saying in a blog mail on February 9: “We are besides interested in taking similar steps to support Nintendo’s successful platform.”

Then, in an interview with CNBC, Microsoft President Brad Smith reiterated his want to accept Call of Duty and other Activision Blizzard games on Nintendo. He said: “Great titles like Call of Duty from Activision Blizzard volition continue to exist available on the Sony PlayStation. We’d like to bring information technology to Nintendo devices.”

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How this would work remains to be seen. Microsoft could either accept a trimmed-down version of the major games get in on Switch, or they could use the Deject to stream the total game onto Nintendo devices. Players as well said they’d similar to run into CoD Mobile arrive on Switch.

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The deal is prepare to close in 2023, so we’re unlikely to know more than about Phone call of Duty games coming to Nintendo devices until then. But stay tuned, equally we’ll be certain to continue you updated if anything more is revealed.

For more CoD, you tin can check out everything we know about Call of Duty 2022, which is existence adult by Infinity Ward.

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Will Call of Duty stay on PlayStation later Microsoft’s Activision buyout?

PlayStation fans may have some questions regarding the new Xbox conquering, including whether Call of Duty will be on the platform.



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After the huge news nearly Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, PlayStation players are wondering what will happen with hereafter Telephone call of Duty releases.

Since the news bankrupt about Microsoft’s buy of Activision, the gaming community has gone crazy worldwide. The deal is arguably the biggest acquisition in gaming history and was even worth more than Disney’south purchase of the Star Wars franchise (Lucasfilm).

The deal has a lot of question marks surrounding information technology at the moment, but for those PlayStation users who are confused as to what it ways for Call of Duty on the platform, here’southward all the information yous need.

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The deal involves games nether Activision and Activision Blizzard, which subsequently means Xbox will own Phone call of Duty.

This took the community by surprise when it was announced and naturally, a lot of people had questions.

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For example, Call of Duty have had a shut relationship with PlayStation for some years now, giving them exclusive/early access to content, so what will happen afterward the bargain goes through?

Volition Phone call of Duty still be on PlayStation?

Xbox’southward Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft gaming, confirmed in a statement over on Twitter that Call of Duty volition remain on PlayStation following the conquering. Further, the Xbox CEO also confirmed that they would honor all existing agreements that Sony has with Telephone call of Duty.

On February nine a Microsoft blog post reaffirmed their delivery to providing PlayStation owners with new Call of Duty titles in the years to come. Microsoft confirmed that they have no intention to undermine opportunities for PlayStation users with Xbox sectional CoD titles.

Microsoft stated that they volition continue to develop Call of Duty games for all platforms beyond the existing agreements in identify, “we have committed to Sony that we will besides make them bachelor on PlayStation beyond the existing agreement and into the futurity and so that Sony fans can keep to enjoy the games they love.”

call of duty modern warfare

For now, the companies will remain independent from each other until 2023.

This means that Telephone call of Duty 2022 will probable retain a lot of the PlayStation exclusivity deals that have been around and PS players won’t accept to worry nigh losing content to Xbox, at least not until these commitments and deals expire.

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One time the bargain closes and the commitment to existing contracts and agreements similar PlayStation’south exclusive Call of Duty content expires, it’s unclear what will happen in terms of sectional content. However, information technology is articulate that Phone call of Duty volition yet be released on PlayStation.

According to Tom Warren, Xbox’southward dealings with Bethesda when they purchased the visitor could exist telling of what they will practice with Activision. We will likely know much more than about exclusivity for other games once the deal has closed, merely we could exist seeing a lot of Activision games going exclusive.

It wouldn’t take been wise for Microsoft to pull Telephone call of Duty games from PlayStation, as the franchise remains the best-selling game on PlayStation platforms in the U.Due south. and has been for years, with Vanguard recently topping the charts for 2021.

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What can be said, however, is that exclusivity deals may shift from PlayStation to Xbox after the deal is closed. Call of Duty games may even exist seen on the Xbox Game Pass on release, but this is all still only speculation.

So, there you take it, Phone call of Duty will remain on PlayStation platforms but the exclusive content may shift over to Xbox and PC. For more than, check out every Warzone weapon ranked.

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