Carlie Malm – The Missing Person From Bismarck, Nd


Carlie Malm, a young woman from Bismarck, North Dakota, went missing in 2013. Despite extensive searches and investigations, she has not been found yet. The case has garnered national attention, and her family and friends continue to search for her.


Carlie Malm was 27 years old when she went missing on June 8, 2013. She was last seen leaving a bar in Bismarck with three men. According to witnesses, she appeared to be intoxicated and was seen arguing with one of the men before leaving with them in a car.

The Investigation

The Bismarck Police Department immediately launched an investigation into Carlie’s disappearance. They conducted searches in the area where she was last seen and interviewed several people who had been with her that night. However, they were unable to find any leads that could help them locate her.

The National Attention

Carlie’s disappearance received national attention, and her family and friends started a social media campaign to spread awareness about her case. Several news outlets also covered the story, and the police received several tips from people across the country who claimed to have seen her.


Despite the extensive searches and investigations, there are no solid leads in Carlie’s case. However, several theories have emerged over the years.


One theory is that Carlie was abducted by the men she was last seen with. There have been several reported cases of women being abducted and held against their will by strangers.

Foul Play

Another theory is that foul play was involved. The argument that witnesses saw Carlie having with one of the men before leaving with them in a car raises concerns about her safety.

Accidental Death

Some people believe that Carlie may have accidentally died that night. She was reportedly intoxicated and may have fallen or gotten into an accident while in the car with the men.

The Search Continues

Carlie’s family and friends have not given up on finding her. They continue to search for her and spread awareness about her case. They have also started a foundation in her name that helps families of missing persons.

The Importance of Awareness

Carlie’s case is a reminder of the importance of raising awareness about missing persons. It’s crucial to spread the word and keep the conversation going to ensure that authorities and the public are aware of these cases.

What You Can Do

If you have any information about Carlie’s case or any other missing person, please contact the authorities immediately. You can also help by sharing information about their case on social media and spreading awareness.


The disappearance of Carlie Malm is a tragedy that has affected many people. Her family and friends continue to search for her, and the public’s help is needed to ensure that she is found. It’s important to remember the importance of awareness and to never give up hope.