Does Tom Brady Have A New Girlfriend? A 2023 Update


It’s been a while since Tom Brady’s high-profile breakup with actress Bridget Moynahan, and fans have been wondering if the NFL superstar has found love again. Rumors have been swirling around Brady’s love life, with many speculating that he’s been seeing someone new. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the rumors and see if there’s any truth to them.

The Rumors

The rumors about Tom Brady’s new girlfriend started circulating in early 2023, when he was spotted with a mystery woman at a restaurant in New York City. The woman, who was later identified as model and actress Camille Kostek, was seen laughing and chatting with Brady over dinner. The sighting sparked rumors that the two were dating and that Brady had finally moved on from his past relationships.

Who is Camille Kostek?

If you’re not familiar with Camille Kostek, you’re not alone. The model and actress is relatively unknown outside of modeling circles, but she’s been making waves in the industry lately. Kostek has appeared in several high-profile campaigns and has even graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. She’s also a former cheerleader for the New England Patriots, which is how she may have crossed paths with Tom Brady.

What We Know

Despite the rumors, neither Tom Brady nor Camille Kostek have confirmed that they’re dating. However, the two have been spotted together on multiple occasions, including at a New England Patriots game and on a vacation in Costa Rica. They’ve also been seen liking each other’s social media posts, which has only fueled the speculation.

What They’ve Said

Neither Tom Brady nor Camille Kostek have spoken publicly about their relationship, but they’ve both hinted at it in interviews. Brady has said that he’s “happy” and “in a good place,” while Kostek has said that she’s “enjoying spending time” with the football star. However, they’ve both been careful not to confirm or deny the rumors.

The Reaction

Fans have been divided over the rumors of Tom Brady’s new girlfriend. Some have been supportive, saying that they’re happy to see him moving on and finding happiness. Others have been critical, saying that he’s moving on too quickly from his past relationships. Regardless of the reaction, the rumors have certainly generated a lot of buzz.


So, does Tom Brady have a new girlfriend? While the rumors certainly point to a possible romance with Camille Kostek, neither party has confirmed anything. It’s possible that they’re just friends, or that they’re keeping their relationship under wraps for now. Either way, it’s clear that Tom Brady is happy and enjoying life, and that’s something that his fans can all agree on.