Emily Compagno Husband Photo: Everything You Need To Know


Emily Compagno is a well-known American sports reporter and attorney who has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Her fans and followers are always curious to know more about her personal life, especially about her husband and family. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Emily Compagno’s husband photo.

Who is Emily Compagno’s Husband?

Emily Compagno’s husband is an American entrepreneur and former Marine Corps officer, Jon Skoog. The couple got married in September 2017 in a beautiful ceremony in Italy. Jon Skoog is the founder and CEO of a company called Endurable Building Products, which specializes in the development of sustainable building materials.

Their Love Story

Emily Compagno and Jon Skoog met each other while they were both attending the University of Washington. They started dating in 2007, but their relationship was not always smooth sailing. Emily Compagno’s busy schedule as a lawyer and TV personality often made it difficult for them to spend time together.

In an interview, Emily Compagno revealed that their relationship faced a lot of challenges, but they were able to overcome them with the help of communication and trust. She also said that Jon Skoog has been a constant source of support and inspiration for her throughout her career.

Their Wedding

Emily Compagno and Jon Skoog’s wedding was a dreamy affair that took place in the picturesque town of Ravello, Italy. The wedding was attended by close friends and family members, and the couple exchanged their vows in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

Emily Compagno looked stunning in a white lace gown, while Jon Skoog looked dapper in a classic black tuxedo. The couple’s wedding photos were widely shared on social media, and fans couldn’t stop gushing about how beautiful they looked together.

Their Life Together

Emily Compagno and Jon Skoog have been happily married for over six years now. They often share pictures of each other on social media, giving their fans a glimpse into their personal life. Emily Compagno has also said in interviews that Jon Skoog is her biggest cheerleader and supports her in everything she does.

Emily Compagno’s Career

Emily Compagno started her career as a lawyer, but she later transitioned into sports reporting. She has worked for various media outlets, including Fox News and ESPN. Emily Compagno is known for her expertise in sports law and her ability to provide insightful analysis on various sports-related topics.

Emily Compagno has also made several guest appearances on popular TV shows such as “The Five” and “Outnumbered.” She has also worked as a contributor for various publications, including Sports Illustrated and Forbes.

Emily Compagno’s Social Media Presence

Emily Compagno is active on social media, where she often shares pictures and updates about her personal and professional life. She has a large following on Instagram, where she has over 400k followers. Emily Compagno’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of her travels, her husband, and her adorable pets.


Emily Compagno and Jon Skoog’s love story is a true testament to the power of communication, trust, and perseverance. They have been able to maintain a happy and healthy marriage despite the challenges that come with their busy careers.

If you’re a fan of Emily Compagno, make sure to follow her on social media to stay updated on her latest adventures. And if you’re curious about Emily Compagno’s husband photo, just do a quick search on Google, and you’ll be able to find plenty of pictures of the happy couple.