How Old Is Kendall Toole? The Answer To Your Burning Question


If you’re a fan of the Peloton fitness community, you’ve probably heard of Kendall Toole. She’s one of the most popular instructors, known for her energetic and motivating classes. However, many people are wondering about her age. Is she a young up-and-comer or a seasoned veteran? In this article, we’ll answer the question, “how old is Kendall Toole?” and provide some background on this inspiring fitness instructor.

Who Is Kendall Toole?

Kendall Toole is a Peloton instructor, fitness coach, and former NFL cheerleader. She grew up in Southern California and attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she earned a degree in sociology. After college, she pursued a career in dance, performing with the Los Angeles Lakers and the NFL’s San Diego Chargers. She eventually became a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring from dance to focus on fitness.

Kendall Toole’s Age

So, how old is Kendall Toole? As of 2023, she was born on July 6, 1989, which makes her 34 years old. While she may be one of the younger Peloton instructors, she’s proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with. Her classes are known for their high energy and motivational messages, encouraging riders to push themselves to their limits.

Kendall Toole’s Fitness Journey

Kendall Toole’s passion for fitness began at a young age. She was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader throughout her childhood and teenage years. However, after suffering a serious injury, she was forced to take a break from sports. During her recovery, she discovered a love for fitness and began training in various disciplines, including dance, yoga, and weightlifting.

Becoming a Peloton Instructor

Kendall Toole’s career as a Peloton instructor began in 2018, when she auditioned for the company’s talent search. She was selected to join the team and quickly became a fan favorite. Her classes are known for their high-energy playlists and motivational messages, which have inspired thousands of riders around the world.

Kendall Toole’s Philosophy

Kendall Toole is a firm believer in the power of fitness to transform lives. She encourages her students to embrace their strength and push themselves to new heights. Her classes are designed to be challenging but also fun and empowering. She often incorporates positive affirmations and motivational messages into her rides, encouraging riders to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Kendall Toole’s Advice for Beginners

For those new to fitness, Kendall Toole recommends taking things slow and focusing on form and technique. She believes that consistency is key and encourages her students to find a workout routine that they enjoy and can stick to. She also emphasizes the importance of rest and recovery, reminding riders that rest days are just as important as workout days.

Kendall Toole’s Future

As one of Peloton’s most popular instructors, Kendall Toole shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to inspire and motivate riders around the world with her high-energy classes and positive messages. In the future, she hopes to expand her reach even further, sharing her love for fitness and wellness with even more people.


In conclusion, Kendall Toole is a talented and inspiring fitness instructor who has captured the hearts of Peloton riders around the world. While she may be one of the younger instructors, she’s already made a big impact in the fitness community. We hope this article has answered your question, “how old is Kendall Toole?” and provided some insight into her journey and philosophy.