How to add a Shutdown Desktop shortcut in Windows 11


How to add a Shutdown Desktop shortcut in Windows xi


Love shortcuts? Here’s how to make one for shutting downward your PC.


Windows 11 offers a wide range of customization options, including the option to create a Shutdown desktop shortcut so you can double-click the shortcut to turn your PC off.

Catching up with the latest engineering past upgrading Windows is a great way to stay tuned with the latest software. That said, utilizing the operating organization to its full capacity might exist challenging at beginning.

Even though Windows 11 might be user-friendly, you might not know all the tips and tricks, such as calculation a shutdown desktop shortcut. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.

How to create a shutdown shortcut in Windows xi

Windows 11 allows you to completely customize your device, even by creating a shutdown shortcut on your desktop, just like whatsoever other program on your desktop. To create the shortcut:

ane. First, create a
by right click on the desktop, selecting
so choosing

How to add a Shutdown Desktop shortcut in Windows 11
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ii. In the offset box, you should type “shutdown /s /t 0” without the quotation marks

Type shutdown cmd code in shortcut box
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3. Afterward, change the name in the next department to
and click on the

Creating shutdown shortcut in Windows 11
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Subsequently the shortcut is created, y’all can use either the standard “shutdown” icon or download whatever icon you lot want and replace it.

To modify the icon on the Windows 11 shutdown shortcut

If you lot want to accept your new shortcut to the adjacent level, changing the icon is the all-time style to do that. Here’due south how:

1. Correct-click on the shortcut and select

two. Under the Shortcut tab, select
Modify Icon

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4. Select the Shutdown icon from the listing, click
Apply, and click
to salve your changes.

selecting shutdown icon for shutdown shortcut
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Now, yous take a snazzy icon to get with your new shortcut.

How to pin the Windows xi shutdown shortcut to your taskbar

For more convenience, you tin also add the icon to your taskbar. To pivot the shutdown shortcut to your taskbar, follow the steps below:

i. Right-click on the
shortcut then select
Show more options

2. Yous will see that
Pin to Offset
Pin to Taskbar
are among the options. Choose the one that yous find easiest

Pinning shutdown shortcut to taskbar
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Shutting down figurer from the lockscreen

Some other way to power off Windows xi computers is by shutting downward the PC from the Sign-in screen/Lockscreen.

In other words, shutting downwardly your Windows PC doesn’t require logging in. Follow the steps below to turn your PC off from the Lock Screen:

1. On the lower-right corner of your sign-in screen, notice
the Power button
(shown below)
2. Now, bring your mouse over that push and select
Shut down

Windows 11 lock screen
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Information technology is worth noting that using the sign-in screen tin exist pretty handy when your calculator is frozen or is slowed downwardly. Furthermore, you can access the lock screen by pressing
Windows + L

on your keyboard, and then access the sign-in screen past pressing

Another fashion you lot can access this section is by holding iii keys,
Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This combination will take yous to a new screen where you can apply task manager, switch users, sign out of the current user, and even close down your PC.

Note that but like the first method, the
“Ctrl + Alt + Delete” combination
tin besides help when dealing with malfunctioning applications, particularly when they are frozen and you are unable to access anything else.

You tin can always rely on keyboard shortcuts

windows 11 alt f4 shutdown screen
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While conventional methods such equally shutting downwardly your PC from the Start Menu or by using your power buttons are always bachelor, Windows offers keyword shortcuts that close down your PC.

So, if your mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen is not working, you can still use your keyboard to turn off your PC. All you demand to do is:

  1. Get to the Windows desktop
  2. Press




  3. Then, cull the
    Power off

All of this can exist accomplished with just your keyboard, which is perfect for times when your computer is experiencing bug.

Create a shutdown shortcut for Windows 11 to maximize your efficiency

In nigh Windows versions, the bulk of the methods for shutting down the computer are rather similar. While you accept plenty of options, some people enjoy the convenience of a shortcut.

Notwithstanding, knowing the alternative options like “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” is not bad when your figurer is interim like it is supposed to.

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