Is Percy Hynes White Single?


When it comes to famous actors, fans are always curious about their personal lives. Percy Hynes White, a Canadian actor, is no exception. Fans have been wondering about his relationship status and whether he is single or not. In this article, we will explore the topic in detail.

Early Life and Career

Percy Hynes White was born on October 8, 2001, in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada. He started his career at a young age by appearing in commercials and TV shows. He gained recognition for his role in the popular TV series “Between” in 2015.

Current Projects

Currently, Percy Hynes White is working on multiple projects. He is set to appear in the upcoming TV series “The Wilds” and the movie “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” Fans are eagerly waiting to see his performances in these projects.

The Rumor Mill

As with any celebrity, rumors about Percy Hynes White’s personal life have been circulating on the internet. Some fans have speculated that he is in a relationship, while others believe that he is single. However, the actor has not confirmed any of these rumors.

Interviews and Social Media

In interviews, Percy Hynes White has been tight-lipped about his personal life. He prefers to talk about his work and upcoming projects. Similarly, his social media accounts do not provide any clues about his relationship status.

Family Life

Percy Hynes White comes from a family of actors. His parents, Joel Thomas Hynes and Sherry White, are both actors and writers. His sister, Mary-Colin Chisholm, is also an actress. The family has a strong bond and often supports each other’s work.

Fan Reaction

Fans have been curious about Percy Hynes White’s personal life, but they also respect his privacy. Many fans have expressed their admiration for his work and talent, rather than focusing on his relationship status.


In conclusion, we cannot confirm whether Percy Hynes White is single or in a relationship. The actor has chosen to keep his personal life private and focus on his work. Fans can look forward to seeing more of his performances in the future.