Jamal Murray's Girlfriend: Who Is She And What Is Their Relationship Like?


Jamal Murray, one of the most talented NBA players of his generation, has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Not only because of his impressive skills on the court, but also because of his personal life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend.

Who is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend?

Jamal Murray’s girlfriend is Harper Hempel. She is a former college volleyball player who is now pursuing a career as a model and influencer. She was born on April 25, 1997, which makes her 26 years old in 2023. She is also a graduate of the University of Kentucky, where she played for the school’s volleyball team.

How Did They Meet?

Jamal and Harper met while they were both attending the University of Kentucky. They were introduced to each other by mutual friends and immediately hit it off. They started dating in 2016 and have been together ever since. Their relationship has been going strong for over 7 years now.

Their Relationship

Jamal and Harper’s relationship has been a topic of interest among their fans and the media. They are known for being very private about their personal lives, but they occasionally share glimpses of their relationship on social media. From what we can see, they seem to be very happy together and share a strong bond.

Harper’s Support for Jamal

Harper is a big supporter of Jamal’s career and often attends his games. She has been seen cheering him on from the sidelines and even joined him on the court after one of his games. In an interview, Jamal mentioned that Harper’s support means a lot to him and that he appreciates having her by his side.

Harper’s Career

Harper has been making waves in the modeling industry and has worked with several well-known brands. She has also been using her platform to raise awareness about mental health and body positivity. She has been very vocal about her struggles with anxiety and has been inspiring others to speak up about their own mental health issues.

Their Future Plans

Jamal and Harper have not revealed their future plans as a couple, but they seem to be very serious about each other. They have been together for a long time and have been through ups and downs together. Only time will tell what the future holds for them.


Jamal Murray’s girlfriend, Harper Hempel, is a talented and inspiring woman who has been a great support system for him. Their relationship has been going strong for several years now, and they seem to be very happy together. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.