A big annunciation was recently teased past Kojima Productions, creators of
Death Stranding, and many fans believe it has something to do with

Silent Hills
. A cryptic tweet went up on the company’s Twitter early in the morning time. Hideo Kojima, the creator of Kojima Productions and the director of their beginning titleDeath Stranding, made waves in late 2014 with the release of
This was a fully playable outset-person horror game published by Konami designed by Kojima in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro.

It was a free download and later adamant equally an interactive teaser for an upcoming
Silent Hills
game. Unfortunately, it was canceled soon after, even though the teaser was lauded by critics and fans akin for its atmospheric horror and wonderful visuals. Hideo Kojima afterward left Konami and all product on
Silent Hills
was indefinitely canceled. The game lives on; both on some PlayStations with it still downloaded and in the hearts of many fans that nonetheless recall to the exceptional experience. P.T. was likewise remade in

A new teaser on Kojima Product’south official twitter page could exist teasing a
Silent Hills
game. The post reads, “Sad to be silent everyone! I’ve been actually busy lately…. I think I can say more soon virtually what we are going to….” Fans latched onto the word “silent,” too as seeing Kojima himself discuss his next championship being some other journey into horror. Fans put these two things together to deduce that Kojima Productions may in fact be starting pre-production on that
Silent Hills

With that said, it’s somewhat unlikely considering that Konami and Kojima didn’t have an amicable split. In fact, his removal by the publisher from the visitor was seen as an abhorrent activity past many. Konami still has the rights to the
Silent Hill
franchise. Considering both these facts, information technology would be surprising to see Kojima Productions developing such a title. Nonetheless, their next game being horror-focused should proceed fans excited.

Kojima Productions is hot off the heels of their 2019 release,
Death Stranding, which is slated to be coming to PC in the summertime of 2020. The contentious release was met with praise for its revolutionary visuals and unique gameplay; however, others criticized its gameplay for being too tiresome and tedious. The reception was overall positive, and the sales speak for themselves. Mad Mikkelson, who starred in the title, won All-time Operation at The 2019 Game Awards, and the game also nabbed Best Score/Music as well equally Best Game Direction.

It’s unclear whether nosotros’ll be seeing Kojima Product’s new game anytime soon, but judging by how rapidly
Death Stranding
was teased after the cancellation of
Silent Hills, fans have ample reason to be excited. While 2020 may not give them the horror championship they crave, 2021 is likely to be the first year where players see Kojima’due south return to the beloved gaming genre.

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