Letterkenny Season 12: The Best Season Yet


Letterkenny is a Canadian comedy TV series that first premiered in 2016. The show has gained a massive cult following due to its unique humor, witty writing, and relatable characters. The show revolves around the residents of a small rural town called Letterkenny, and their daily shenanigans. The show has now completed its 12th season, and it is safe to say that it is the best season yet.

The Characters

One of the reasons why Letterkenny is so beloved is its characters. The show has a plethora of unique, quirky, and hilarious characters that viewers can’t help but love. In season 12, we see the return of all our favorite characters, including Wayne, Daryl, Katy, and Squirrely Dan. Each character has their own distinct personality, and their interactions with one another are nothing short of comedic gold.

The Writing

The writing of Letterkenny is one of the show’s strongest suits. The show’s writers have a gift for crafting clever and witty dialogue that is both hilarious and relatable. The writing in season 12 is some of the best yet, with each episode delivering laugh-out-loud moments that will have viewers quoting lines for weeks to come.

The Humor

Letterkenny is known for its unique brand of humor, which often includes wordplay, puns, and references to Canadian culture. The humor in season 12 is no exception and is just as sharp and witty as ever. The show also isn’t afraid to push the envelope with its humor, often tackling taboo subjects with tact and finesse.

The Plot

While Letterkenny doesn’t have a traditional plot, each episode has its own distinct storyline that ties everything together. Season 12 sees the return of some familiar storylines, as well as some new ones that add an extra layer of depth to the show’s world.

The Guest Stars

One of the highlights of season 12 is the guest stars that make appearances throughout the season. From Jay Baruchel to Sarah Gadon, each guest star adds their own unique flavor to the show and helps to elevate the already stellar cast.

The Music

Another standout aspect of Letterkenny is its music. The show has an eclectic soundtrack that perfectly complements the show’s rural setting. Season 12 features some fantastic musical moments, including a hilarious country music video that will have viewers tapping their toes and laughing out loud.

The Themes

While Letterkenny is primarily a comedy, it also tackles some deeper themes throughout its run. Season 12 is no exception, with episodes exploring themes such as toxic masculinity, relationships, and the importance of community. These themes are handled with care and nuance, adding an extra layer of depth to the show.

The Direction

The direction of Letterkenny is another aspect that sets it apart from other comedies. The show’s direction is fresh, innovative, and always keeps viewers on their toes. Season 12 is no exception, with each episode featuring unique camera angles, creative editing, and a distinct visual style.

The Production Value

One of the most impressive aspects of Letterkenny is its production value. Despite being a relatively low-budget show, the production team manages to make each episode look and feel like a high-end production. Season 12 is no exception, with top-notch cinematography, sound design, and production design that all come together to create a fully-realized world.

The Legacy

As Letterkenny enters its 12th season, it’s clear that the show has left a lasting impact on the world of television. The show’s unique brand of humor, relatable characters, and bold storytelling have made it a fan favorite and a critical darling. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it’s safe to say that Letterkenny will continue to be a beloved show for years to come.


Letterkenny season 12 is the best season yet of this beloved comedy series. With its exceptional writing, standout performances, and bold storytelling, the show continues to be a fan favorite and a critical darling. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, season 12 is a must-watch for anyone who loves smart, witty comedy.