The World Exam Championship (WTC) could get the showpiece final information technology has wanted in the summer of 2023, as the ICC works to take it staged at Lord’s.

Lord’south had been informally earmarked as the venue for the first WTC final terminal summertime but considering of Covid-xix the game was instead played in Southampton at the Ageas Bowl. At the fourth dimension, the UK was nonetheless moving out of restrictions put in place because of the pandemic. Southampton – which had hosted international cricket in the summer of 2020 at the commencement of the pandemic – was seen as the ideal venue logistically to continue players in a bio-secure bubble because of its on-site hotel. New Zealand beat Republic of india in the final to become the inaugural Exam world champions.

But as restrictions have ended in the UK and bio-secure bubbling take been eased out, the ICC are hoping once again to phase the last at Lord’s.

“I call up it is scheduled for Lord’s, that was always the intention,” ICC chairperson Greg Barclay said on
BBC’s Test Friction match Special
at tea on the second solar day of the outset Test between England and New Zealand, at Lord’s.

“Information technology’s June so that rules out a number of other venues and nosotros’ve got to become certainty around where information technology’s hosted. Nosotros’re out of Covid now and so discipline to arrangements existence made and existence able to exist hosted out of Lord’s I think that’southward the intention.”

England are likely to host a one-off Test against a notwithstanding-to-exist finalised opponent next summertime before then hosting the Ashes. That would seem to increase the chances of Lord’due south hosting the world concluding.

In that location is still some work to exist done earlier that is finalised, however the ICC are hoping to announce the venue at their Annual General Meeting next month.

Barclay also said that though the WTC had brought some relevancy back to Examination cricket, outside of India, England and Australia, other full members may have to take that they volition play less Test cricket than they would like to.

“Men’s Examination cricket is something that represents the history and legacy of the game, information technology is what makes the game unique,” Barclay said when asked where he saw the long format x-15 years from now.

“We are fortunate that we have other formats that tin assistance u.s.a. sustain Examination cricket financially because other than one or ii serial it is effectively loss-making for boards – players will tell y’all it is ultimate test of cricket and they want to play information technology.

“The Test Championship has driven some relevancy into it then in 10-15 years’ time I still run into Test cricket being an integral part. It may exist that at that place is less Test cricket. Some countries may have to make room and play less Test cricket – some of them might have totally different long and short class squads but as well some of the smaller Full Members will take to take from a resourcing point of view that they tin can’t play the corporeality of Test cricket that they wanted to. So we may see a lessening of that, mayhap they play iv or five Tests a year whereas England, Australia and Bharat I think volition be playing Examination cricket equally they are now.”