Newt Scamander Family Tree: A Comprehensive Guide


J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World has captivated audiences for decades, with its rich history and intricate family trees. One of the most intriguing characters in this world is Newt Scamander, the protagonist of the Fantastic Beasts franchise. In this article, we will explore the family tree of Newt Scamander, tracing his lineage back several generations.

The Scamander Family

The Scamander family is an old and respected wizarding family, with a long and complex history. Newt Scamander is the son of Theseus Scamander, a talented Auror, and his wife, Leta Lestrange. Theseus is the older brother of Newt and has played a significant role in the Fantastic Beasts films.

Theseus Scamander

Theseus Scamander, the oldest Scamander sibling, was a highly skilled Auror who fought bravely in the First Wizarding War. He was a well-respected member of the magical community and had a reputation for being a fierce fighter. Theseus was also known for his love of magical creatures, and he encouraged his younger brother, Newt, to pursue his passion for studying them.

Leta Lestrange

Leta Lestrange, Newt’s wife, was a tragic figure in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. She was a brilliant witch who struggled with her inner demons and past mistakes. Leta came from the Lestrange family, one of the most notorious wizarding families in history. Her ancestors included Bellatrix Lestrange, one of Voldemort’s most loyal followers.

Their Children

Newt and Leta had one child together, a son named Rolf Scamander. Rolf inherited his father’s love for magical creatures and became a world-renowned Magizoologist. He married Luna Lovegood, a beloved character from the Harry Potter series, and together they had two children, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander.

Rolf Scamander

Rolf Scamander was a prominent figure in the wizarding world, known for his extensive knowledge of magical creatures. He worked closely with the Ministry of Magic and founded the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. Rolf was also a close friend of Harry Potter and helped him in his quest to defeat Voldemort.

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, the grandchildren of Newt and Leta, inherited their family’s love for magical creatures. They were both sorted into Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and were known for their intelligence and creativity.

The Future of the Scamander Family

The Scamander family has a rich history and a bright future. With Rolf’s extensive knowledge of magical creatures and Lorcan and Lysander’s intelligence, the family is sure to make significant contributions to the wizarding world for generations to come. It will be fascinating to see how the Scamander family continues to shape the future of the Wizarding World.


In conclusion, the Scamander family is an essential part of the Wizarding World and has played a significant role in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Newt Scamander’s passion for magical creatures and his family’s legacy have inspired many, and their influence will continue to be felt for generations to come. We hope this article has provided you with a comprehensive guide to the Scamander family tree and has deepened your appreciation for this fascinating family.