The Heartbreaking News Of The Roloff Family In 2022


The Roloff family has been in the spotlight for years, thanks to their hit reality show, Little People, Big World. Fans have been invested in their lives, watching as they navigate through the ups and downs of family life. Unfortunately, 2022 brought some heartbreaking news for the Roloff family, leaving fans devastated and heartbroken.

The Death of Peggy Roloff

In October of 2022, the Roloff family lost a beloved member, Peggy Roloff. Peggy was the mother of family patriarch, Matt Roloff, and had been battling cancer for some time. Her passing was announced by Matt on social media, who shared a touching tribute to his mother.

The news of Peggy’s death came as a shock to fans, who had grown to love her through her appearances on the show. Many took to social media to express their condolences and share their favorite memories of Peggy.

The Impact on the Family

The loss of Peggy had a profound impact on the Roloff family, who had always been close-knit. Matt, in particular, was devastated by his mother’s passing, and shared his grief with fans on social media.

While the family has always been open about their struggles, the loss of Peggy was a difficult time for them. They leaned on each other for support, and fans rallied around them, offering messages of love and encouragement.

The Future of Little People, Big World

With the passing of Peggy, many fans wondered what would happen to their favorite reality show. Little People, Big World has been a staple on TLC for years, and the Roloff family has been at the center of it all.

In the wake of Peggy’s death, the future of the show was uncertain. However, the family has since announced that they will continue filming, with Matt sharing that it was what his mother would have wanted.

The Legacy of Peggy Roloff

While Peggy may no longer be with us, her legacy lives on through her family and the impact she had on their lives. She was a beloved mother, grandmother, and friend, and her memory will continue to live on through those who knew and loved her.

Her passing also serves as a reminder of the importance of family, and the need to cherish the time we have with our loved ones.


The loss of Peggy Roloff was a difficult time for the Roloff family and their fans. However, through their grief, they have shown strength and resilience, leaning on each other for support.

While Peggy may no longer be with us, her legacy lives on through her family and the impact she had on their lives. Rest in peace, Peggy Roloff.