Sally Struthers Father Stu: A Look Into The Life Of A Beloved Tv Star's Father


For many of us, Sally Struthers is a familiar face in the television world. She has been a part of many popular TV shows and movies. But not much is known about her father, Stu Struthers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Stu Struthers, his relationship with Sally, and his impact on her life and career.

Early Life and Family

Stu Struthers was born in 1925 in Portland, Oregon. He was the son of a construction worker and a homemaker. Stu had two siblings, a brother and a sister. Growing up, Stu’s family struggled financially, but they were always close-knit and supportive of each other.

Stu met his future wife, Margaret, in high school. They fell in love and got married shortly after graduation. They had three children together, Sally, Sue, and David.

Stu’s Career and Accomplishments

Stu Struthers was a successful businessman. He owned several businesses over the years, including a construction company and a real estate agency. Stu was also a great leader and mentor to many young entrepreneurs. He was known for his honesty, hard work, and dedication to his business.

In addition to his business success, Stu was also a dedicated family man. He was always there for his wife and children, offering them love and support no matter what. He was a great role model for his children, teaching them the values of hard work, honesty, and integrity.

Stu’s Relationship with Sally

Sally Struthers has always been open about her close relationship with her father. She has often talked about how much he influenced her life and career. Sally has said that her father was her biggest supporter, always encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Stu was especially proud of Sally’s success in the entertainment industry. He was a regular attendee at her shows and events, always cheering her on from the sidelines. Sally has said that her father’s unwavering support was one of the reasons she was able to achieve so much in her career.

Stu’s Legacy

Stu Struthers passed away in 1998 at the age of 73. His passing was a great loss to his family and friends, but his memory lives on. Stu’s legacy is one of hard work, dedication, and love. He was a man who always put his family first and who valued honesty and integrity above all else.

Today, Sally Struthers continues to honor her father’s legacy. She has spoken about him in interviews and has shared stories about his life and accomplishments. Sally has said that she hopes to pass on her father’s values to her own children and to future generations.


Stu Struthers may not have been a famous TV star like his daughter Sally, but he was a beloved figure in his own right. His hard work, dedication, and love have left a lasting impact on his family and on those who knew him. Stu’s story is a reminder that sometimes the most important people in our lives are the ones who are quietly supporting us from the sidelines.