Stephanie Gosk Wedding: A Beautiful Celebration Of Love


Stephanie Gosk is a well-known journalist and correspondent for NBC News. In 2019, she celebrated her wedding to her long-time partner, Jenna Wolfe, in a beautiful and intimate ceremony. The couple has been together for many years and their wedding was a celebration of their love and commitment to each other.

The Proposal

Stephanie and Jenna’s love story began many years ago when they met while working at NBC News. After several years of dating, Jenna proposed to Stephanie during a trip to Hawaii. The proposal was romantic and heartfelt, and Stephanie said yes without hesitation.

The Wedding Venue

Stephanie and Jenna’s wedding was held at a beautiful outdoor venue in upstate New York. The location was stunning, with rolling hills and a picturesque lake in the background. The couple chose the venue because it had a relaxed and intimate feel, which suited their personalities perfectly.

The Wedding Dress

Stephanie looked stunning on her wedding day in a simple, elegant dress. The dress was made from a soft, flowing fabric that complemented her figure perfectly. She wore her hair in loose waves, which gave her a natural and effortless look.

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was simple and heartfelt, with Stephanie and Jenna exchanging their vows in front of their closest family and friends. The ceremony was officiated by a close friend, who added a personal touch to the proceedings.

The Reception

After the ceremony, the couple and their guests enjoyed a relaxed and fun reception. The reception was held in a beautiful marquee, which was decorated with fairy lights and flowers. The couple danced the night away, surrounded by their loved ones.

The Food

The food at the wedding was delicious and varied, with a range of dishes to suit everyone’s tastes. The couple chose a catering company that specialized in fresh and seasonal produce, which added to the relaxed and natural feel of the wedding.

The Music

The music at the wedding was provided by a live band, who played a mix of classic and modern tunes. The couple chose a band that they had seen perform live several times, so they knew they would be in safe hands.

The Photography

The photography at the wedding was stunning, with the photographer capturing all the special moments of the day. The couple chose a photographer who had a natural and relaxed style, which suited their personalities perfectly.

The Guests

The guests at the wedding were a mix of family and friends, with many of them traveling from far and wide to be there. The couple made sure that everyone felt welcome and included, and the atmosphere was warm and friendly throughout the day.

The Honeymoon

After the wedding, Stephanie and Jenna went on a romantic honeymoon to a secluded island in the Caribbean. The couple enjoyed the peace and quiet of the island, and spent their days relaxing on the beach and exploring the local area.


Stephanie Gosk and Jenna Wolfe’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and commitment. The couple chose a relaxed and intimate feel for their wedding, which reflected their personalities perfectly. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and happiness, and one that they will remember forever.