Trae Young's Brother: A Rising Basketball Star


Trae Young is a well-known basketball player in the NBA, but did you know that he has a younger brother who is also making waves in the basketball world? Rayford Young Jr., or RJ for short, is following in his older brother’s footsteps and making a name for himself on the court. Let’s take a closer look at the rising star that is Trae Young’s brother.

Early Life and Background

RJ was born on December 1st, 2004 in Lubbock, Texas. He grew up with a love for basketball, just like his older brother Trae. RJ’s father, Rayford Young Sr., played college basketball and went on to coach high school basketball, which helped foster his sons’ love for the sport.

Both Trae and RJ attended Norman North High School in Norman, Oklahoma. Trae graduated in 2017 and went on to play college basketball at the University of Oklahoma before being drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2018. RJ is currently a sophomore at Norman North High School and is already making a name for himself on the basketball court.

High School Career

RJ has been playing varsity basketball for Norman North High School since his freshman year. He has already garnered attention from college recruiters and has received scholarship offers from several Division I schools.

During his freshman season, RJ averaged 11.7 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game. He helped lead his team to the Class 6A state championship game, where they ultimately fell short. However, RJ’s performance throughout the season earned him All-City and All-State honors.

In his sophomore season, RJ has continued to impress. He is currently averaging 17.8 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 3.6 assists per game. He has helped lead his team to a 15-4 record and is a big reason why they are a favorite to make it to the state championship game once again.

Playing Style

Like his older brother Trae, RJ is a talented and dynamic point guard. He has great court vision and is a skilled ball-handler. He is also a strong shooter from beyond the arc, which makes him a threat from anywhere on the court.

RJ’s quickness and agility allow him to maneuver around defenders and get to the rim. He is also a tenacious defender and is not afraid to take on tough assignments on the defensive end of the court.

Future Outlook

With two more years of high school basketball ahead of him, RJ’s future is bright. He has already received scholarship offers from several Division I schools, including Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Tulsa. It’s clear that RJ has the potential to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and make it to the NBA.

As he continues to develop his skills and improve his game, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for Trae Young’s younger brother.


While Trae Young may be the more well-known basketball player in the family, his younger brother RJ is quickly making a name for himself on the court. With a strong high school career and scholarship offers from Division I schools, RJ has a bright future ahead of him. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in the years to come.