What Is 70 Of 20?


Are you struggling with calculating percentages? Do you want to know what is 70 of 20? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to calculate percentages and specifically focus on 70 of 20.

What is a percentage?

A percentage is a way of expressing a fraction or a ratio as a fraction of 100. It is generally denoted by the symbol %, and it is used to represent a part of a whole. For example, if you have a pizza with 8 slices and you eat 2 slices, then you have eaten 25% of the pizza.

Understanding 70 of 20

When we say 70 of 20, we are essentially asking what percentage 70 is of 20. In other words, we want to know how much of 20 is represented by 70. To calculate this, we use the following formula:

70% of 20 = (70/100) x 20 = 14

So, 70 of 20 is 14. This means that 70% of 20 is 14.

How to calculate percentages

Calculating percentages is a simple process. To calculate a percentage, you need to divide the part by the whole and multiply the result by 100. The formula for calculating a percentage is as follows:

Percentage = (Part/Whole) x 100

Let’s take an example to understand this better. Suppose you have a bag with 20 marbles, out of which 5 are blue. To calculate the percentage of blue marbles, we will use the above formula:

Percentage of blue marbles = (5/20) x 100 = 25%

So, 25% of the marbles in the bag are blue.

Calculating percentages using a calculator

If you find it difficult to calculate percentages manually, you can use a calculator to do the calculations for you. Most calculators have a percentage button that you can use to calculate percentages. To calculate 70% of 20 using a calculator, you can follow these steps:

  1. Enter 20 on the calculator
  2. Press the percentage button
  3. Enter 70 on the calculator
  4. Press the equal button

The result displayed on the calculator will be 14, which is 70% of 20.

Applications of percentages

Percentages are used in a variety of fields, including finance, science, and business. Some common applications of percentages are:

  • Calculating discounts and sales tax
  • Calculating interest rates on loans and investments
  • Calculating the concentration of solutions in chemistry
  • Calculating the success rate of a business or marketing campaign

Tips for calculating percentages

Here are some tips that can help you calculate percentages more easily:

  • Convert percentages to decimals by dividing by 100. For example, 70% = 0.7
  • Use a calculator to avoid errors in calculations
  • Understand the relationship between percentages, fractions, and decimals
  • Practice calculating percentages regularly to improve your skills


Calculating percentages is an essential skill that can be used in various fields. In this article, we discussed what is 70 of 20 and how to calculate percentages. We also looked at some tips for calculating percentages more easily. We hope this article has helped you understand the concept of percentages better and improve your calculation skills.